Precise and highly productive

The TruLaserTube 5000 cuts tubes with walls up to eight millimeters thick and outer circles of up to 152 millimeters in diameter.

The new cutting head with its focal length of 155 millimeters also slices through all the approved gauges. The cutting head need not be changed out, even if the machine works a different material. FocusLine takes care of automatic adjustment of the focal position.

Accurate holding technique

To achieve the best results in processing, it is important that the tubes and profiles being machined are kept in position, both tightly and without damaging the material.

This is taken care of in the TruLaserTube 5000 by a clamping system incorporating conical rollers and used during both manual and automatic loading.

The shape of the rollers automatically centers the tubes and profiles and puts them in the correct position. Here the stress at the point of contact is kept small, because even in rectangular or square tubes, contact is at the outside radius. Our tube machining capacity is shown in the table below.

Standard tube processing specification:


Machining Capability

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